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"Treyo", a sub-brand of Matsuoka Mechatronics (China) Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995 and successfully listed in Australia in 2009. Located in Xiaoshan Economic and Technology Development District, Hangzhou City, the company is one of the largest full-automatic mahjong table manufacturers in the world. China mahjong set, table cloth, wooden mahjong table, automatic mahjong table, automatic mah-jongg table, custom mahjong tiles manufacturer and supplier, buy cheap table cloth products.
We are the first company to have introduced automatic mahjong table products from Japan, which has driven the revolutionary development of China's traditional mahjong industry and has opened up a brand-new automatic mahjong table industry. Devoted to the design and production in the mechanical and electronic integration area, we are specialized in producing automatic mahjong tables and have established the industry's first R&D center and technical testing center.

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Contact: Haley Niu

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